Monday, March 28, 2011

7 - Ode

I woke up thinking about Rita Joe's poems. A poem came into my head overnight. I've never written a poem in my life. No criticism please. I'm no Rita Joe. It is part of the process. I'm going with it. "No holds barred," as Rita says.

Ode To Rita Joe

Someone said to me,
"So you are an Indian now."
"What about your white ancestors?"
Why do people say these things?
I have been singing their songs for 40 years.
They are satisfied.

My native ancestors are restless.
The Indian in me will have her say.
I am listening.


  1. It is difficult to hear a voice that has been buried so deep beneath the surface... but now that it has dug it's way out... it no doubt has much to say.
    Very nice work, it expresses the sense of loss and time wasted for the lack of knowing empowered by the strong desire to move forward with new knowledge. Not a cultural shift, or a denial of that which is known about who we are... but rather an embracing of that which was unknown to us and a desire to get re-acquainted with that side of our spirit.

  2. wow...I feel a similar longing. Newly discovering my ancestry and not looking back....